Student Activities

There are lots of neat things going on for kids in addition to the daily learning in our classrooms. Elliott has a number of clubs that participate in state and national level activities. We also have a variety of special activities which occur on a weekly and yearly basis. Choose a link below to learn more about each activity.

Outdoor Classroom

Elliott has a unique resource in our Outdoor Classroom located in the northeast corner of our playground. Teachers and students have worked to create an environment for nature studies. Previous work has included two Eagle Scout projects where local scouts installed a bench and observation platform for nature study. The second project involved the planting of a wild flower meadow. Elliott students planted a butterfly garden, over 50 native-species of trees, and created pathways for walking the area. Major plantings are identified by their common and scientific names. Students and teachers have created a small pond to study aquatic ecosystems.

Safety Patrol

Our fourth grade students have an opportunity to join the Safety Patrol. Students are trained to help supervise younger students on their way to and from school. This experience helps students become more responsible and helps the younger students stay safe.


Elliott students participate each year in the ACES program. ACES stands for All Students Exercise Simultaneously. One special day in the spring, the whole school participates in exercise together. The kids enjoy the program and the knowledge that they are participating in something at the same time as kids nationwide.

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