Students are expected to make appropriate choices and are responsible for the decisions they make. If students struggle to make appropriate choices during recess, they may lose part of a recess or more. Recess supervisors may ask students to take a time-away by sitting on a bench or near the outside wall. For chronic misbehavior, teachers and/or the principal may need to get involved to develop a plan for better behavior. Students are introduced, at the beginning of the year, to our playground procedures: Be Safe. Be Responsible. Be Respectful.

  • Slide: One student at a time, down on your bottom and feet first
  • Swings: One student at a time, on your bottom, back and forth, stop only with your feet
  • Monkey bars: One student at a time
  • Tag: Two-finger touch only
  • Climbing wall: One student at a time
  • Whistle: Stop playing, line-up


Daily outdoor recesses for our students promote healthy habits. All students are expected to participate in recess activities. Adequate and appropriate clothing should be worn through all of the seasons. Boots, hats, and mittens are required during winter months. All Holt Public School Elementary Schools maintain a policy of sending students outside if the temperature and/or wind chill is above 0 degrees Fahrenheit. During the fall and spring students stay inside if it is raining. As a guidelines, if the temperature is below 50 degrees, students should wear a jacket and keep it on during recess.

As stated, all students are expected to go outside for recess. There are certain circumstances that will warrant a student to remain inside. If your child is too ill to go outside, we need a doctor’s note stating your child should stay inside, but that he/she is well enough to attend school. We can also accept a note from you after your child has been out for a period of time with an illness.

Smoke Free School and Grounds

All buildings and grounds owned by Holt Public School District are “smoke free.” The use of tobacco is not permitted on the school grounds (including parking lots, playgrounds, ball fields, etc.) at any time. Smoking is not allowed off school grounds while on a school field trip.

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