Food Service

All Holt Public School elementary schools are proud to provide a nourishing, well-balanced breakfast and lunch program. The cost of meals is kept as low as possible. Families who qualify may benefit from the Free or Reduced Lunch Program by completing an application through your school’s office.

For lunch, students choose a main entree early in the day. After they pick that up at the counter, students may choose items (salad, fruit, etc.) at the self-serve bar and select a milk. Students who want to buy just a milk, maydo so. Students are expected to clean their eating area and throw away their trash.

Milk is $0.50, breakfast is $1.40 for full price, $0.30 for reduced price, and lunch is $2.10 for full price, $0.40 for reduced price.

Deposits can be made by cash in a labeled envelope or by check (payable to Holt Public Schools Food Service) and can either be sent to school with your child or sent to our central office at:

  • Holt Public Schools Food Service
  • 5885 W. Holt Rd.
  • Holt, MI 48842

When your child brings the deposit to school, he/she needs to take it to their classroom and place in the manila envelope for delivery to the main office. Always include the name(s) and PIN of the student(s) on the account when sending deposits. A $15 fee will be charged for any returned checks. Any money remaining in your family account at the end of the school year will automatically transfer to the next school year. We strongly advise these balances be paid in full so that your child(ren) be allowed to purchase a meal.

In grades K-6, a “Low Balance Notice” in the form of a letter or sticker is sent home with students when an account is at $3.90 (two lunches) or less. We will allow two (2) meals to be charged, after which no charges will be allowed until payment is received. A sandwich and milk will be offered in place of a full meal. Once a deposit is received, any outstanding charges will be deducted from the account. Parents/guardians can monitor their students’ meal account and view a weekly accounting of purchases and payments by going to Family Access available in Holt Public Schools’ website. In order to access Family Access, you will need to sign up for log-in by either downloading the request form from the website or fill out the on-line request form. Both are found on the left column of the homepage. You may also request, at any time, an account balance or an itemized meal statement by calling our office at 517.699.1111 or by e-mail at

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