Emergency Information

Please list your family doctor on each of your children’s emergency and enrollment forms. Please include contact information for yourself and another responsible person that can be reached in case of an emergency. If immediate medical attention is needed, parents or other designated responsible persons will be notified. In the event no family doctor is 10designated and parental contact cannot be made, the building administrator will contact paramedics.

It is important that you let the office and teacher know of any changes in addresses or telephone numbers.

Emergency School Closing

Due to weather conditions or mechanical failure it may be necessary to call off school for the day or to send children home early. Notification of emergency closing will be made on local radio and TV stations. We are unable to call parents. Families should have a plan in place should school be dismissed early.

Emergency Drills

Fire and tornado drill instructions are posted in each classroom. Procedures are discussed with children and practiced at unannounced
times. When a drill is performed, the teacher who has the children in her/his classroom is responsible for them. We are required to have at least 8 fire drills each year and at least two tornado drills.

Tornado Watch: This means there is a possible tornado developing and that weather conditions are favorable for a tornado to occur. Tornado Warning: This means that a tornado has been sighted in the vicinity.

The Holt Education Center receives information of severe weather conditions from the weather bureau and the Civil Defense Warning System and immediately notifies affected schools in the Holt district.

As soon as a tornado WATCH is issued, we alert our personnel. If a
WARNING is issued, children will go to assigned areas within the school. Parents are urged not to come to the school, but to seek shelter themselves. Parents should not enter the building and attempt to find their children. If parents do come to the school, they must report to the office and school personnel will locate the child(ren) and bring them to the office if it is necessary to leave the building. Children will only be released in a weather emergency to their own parents/guardians or previously authorized childcare providers.

Lockdowns: A lockdown is an emergency procedure where doors are locked and no one is admitted into the building. This is necessary if a situation poses a threat to our students and staff at Elliott.

Perimeter Lockdown: This means there is a potential danger and all exterior doors are locked and no one is allowed to enter the building, including parents. Once police give the okay, children may be released to their parents/guardians, but only with proper identification, and only through monitored doors.

Full Lockdown: This means there is immediate danger and all exterior and classroom doors are locked and staff and students move to secure areas. No one is allowed to enter or leave the building during this time.

Visitors Must Sign-in: Anyone who enters the building (volunteer, parent, guest teacher, workman or others) are required to sign in and wear a visitor badge. Upon leaving the building they must again stop by the office and sign out in the visitor’s notebook.

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